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   Die Cutting Business Group

We combine leading mold and automation technology to provide customers with complete structure, display, acoustics, waterproof, heat dissipation and packaging solutions. Through flat plate, round knife, laser and other technology processing, integrated all kinds of cushion seals, pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives, protective films, optical films, acoustic screen, waterproof breathable film, ferrite, graphene and nanocrystals and other materials, while providing Silicone molded parts, coil assembly and various types of printing.

Stamping Business Group

LY iTECH has leading mold development and manufacturing capabilities in the field of continuous precision stamping, combined with self-developed automation and inspection technology to achieve efficient multi-process production, and to deliver metal structural parts with high precision and flatness requirements to customers for mobile phone antenna, earphone, linear motor and other products.

CNC Business Group

From stainless steel, aluminium alloy to titanium alloy, from CNC to Turning-Milling composite processing technology, from sandblasting, polishing to PVD and anodic oxidation and other surface treatment processes, combined with independently developed automation and visual inspection technology, precise metal parts with stringent size and appearance requirements are provided to consumer electronics industry.

Assembly Business Group

Making full use of the advantages of our self-made products and taking automation as the technical basis, we integrate die cutting, stamping and CNC products to provide customers with precise module assembly of mobile phones, VR products and soft package accessories products. Help customers simplify supply chain, reduce cost and improve product reliability.

Automation Business Group

The Automation Division supports the production and inspection automation of each business group. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the national high-tech enterprise, Linglue. It has a number of inventions and utility model patents. In addition to customized production equipment, testing equipment and industrial robots, which helps business groups to realize large number of automation, Linglue also has the patented technology of the core component of the robot: reducer and become the leader of China's advanced manufacturing.

Structural Business Group

With the establishment of an intelligent chemical plant as the carrier, from R&D, mould manufacturing, injection moulding, spraying, CNC processing, to assembly, a new industrial model based on end-to-end data flow and supported by network interconnection has been fully applied. Intelligence of key manufacturing links has become the core and core production has been enhanced. Product competitiveness is the core supplier of OPPO, MI and other domestic high-end mobile phone brand customers.

Magnetic Material business group

Focus on the research and development, production and marketing of ferrite magnetic materials. The products mainly cover the fields of permanent magnet ferrite components and soft magnetic ferrite components. It is sold to Japan, Europe, America, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and is supported by world famous motor manufacturers and electronic device manufacturers.  

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